We clean tile and grout in Bucks County, PAHere’s how we clean tile and grout in Bucks and Montgomery County… Very hot water comes into your home through a high pressure hose at about 1,000 psi., sprays into your tile and grout forcing the dirt out of the porous floor, and is immediately sucked right back out into our van, leaving you with very clean tile and grout. It’s kind of like a pressure washing that all happens inside the blue tile and grout cleaning tool you see in the pictures on this page. The process is so thorough it’s guaranteed to pass the white glove test!


So here are the details of how we clean tile and grout…



Bucks County tile and grout cleaning - Langhorne 5-12-09 (2)Your tile and grout are porous and are notorious for holding in a lot of dirt! The first thing we do is spray an alkaline cleaning solution (Procyon Tile and Grout Cleaner) which is 100% environmentally safe and 100% non-toxic, onto your tile and grout. Procyon penetrates deep inside your tile and grout loosening up the dirt that has probably been there for years. After a few minutes of dwell time we then flush out the dirt (and the Procyon) from your tile and grout using clean water at over 200 degrees Fahrenheit and at about 1,000 psi. All of the dirty water is immediately drawn back into our powerful tile and grout cleaning van. With this first step alone; we usually see at least a 90% improvement, as this VIDEO and the pictures on this page demonstrate.


“We are so pleased with the results! Our kitchen floor [tile] looks amazing and the carpets are fluffy again.”

Mary Beth O. – Bucks County, PA



Whiter Bathroom Tile Cleaning with Acid in Bucks CountyOnce the dirt is removed we can then tell if your grout lines are stained. If so, you may want us to do an acid cleaning. Cleaning with acid will remove stains typically found around sinks, stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and eating areas. Since staining is usually in the middle of the spectrum; acid cleaning makes black grout lines blacker and light grout lines whiter and brighter. The acid is applied directly to the grout, dwells for a few minutes, and then is extracted back into our cleaning van. We typically see about a 10% improvement with an acid cleaning.   This isn’t always the case though because sometimes we find grout lines that are mostly stained and not having as much dirt as others. It all depends on your type of floor and how it has been used and maintained over the years.  If you schedule a tile and grout cleaning with ALL CLEAN!, there will be no obligation whatsoever to do this second step. If you’d like; we can do a little experiment first on a few grout lines to determine if the acid cleaning step is worth the additional expense to you.  BTW: We always perform this step of acid cleaning when cleaning bathrooms.  Staining on bathroom floors is inevitable and with an acid cleaning we often see tremendous results.



Simon C. – Bucks County, PA



Chalfont tile and grout cleaning 12-18-07 (2)If after the first and second steps you find your tile and grout looking pristine – like it did when it was first installed – you may want to then consider sealing your grout lines. Grout sealing is exactly as the name implies. Your porous grout lines are sealed, making them less penetrable to dirt and stains. If you’re going to seal your grout lines though, I always recommend both steps 1 and 2 prior to grout sealing in order to achieve the best results possible. This is because not only will future dirt be sealed out, but any preexisting dirt or stains will be sealed in as well. We always want to make your grout look its very best before doing a sealing of your grout lines.



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