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ALL CLEAN!, LLC is a professional carpet cleaning company serving Bucks and Montgomery County, PA since 2005.  We are family owned and operated and care deeply about satisfying our customers. We excel above the pack by providing you with the DEEPEST most thorough carpet cleaning process possible: Hot Water Extraction (otherwise known as steam cleaning) using our high-end state-of-the-art truck-mounted system and our omnidirectional multi-pass power wand. We take personal satisfaction in restoring carpets to look, feel, and smell their very best. Carpets dry in hours, not days. Spots and stains will NOT reappear. We guarantee it! Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority. Carpets look clean, feel clean, and smell clean because they ARE clean! No “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts”. We use the hot water extraction method (otherwise known as “steam cleaning“), and our powerful truck-mounted system is rated the #1 van-powered system in the industry. We can pull dirt, grease, grime, bacteria, dust-mites and so much more from way down deep within your carpet fibers. You’ll have the best carpet cleaning possible from any professional steam cleaning service, GUARANTEED and we will leave absolutely no soapy residue behind. Our prespray is 100% safe for kids and pets!


Here’s how it works… The Hot Water Extraction method (recommended by the leading carpet manufacturers as the best carpet cleaning method) uses clean water to easily flush dirt, bacteria, and allergens right out of your carpets and rugs. The more powerful the truck-mount (hotter water, higher water pressure, higher suction power) the cleaner and dryer your carpets will be. With our powerful cleaning equipment, our drying time is normally just a few hours, not days like some of the “less committed” outfits out there. You won’t find a more effective way to clean carpets in Bucks or Montgomery County than ALL CLEAN!’s state-of-the-art cleaning machine. 

More for Your Money

Beyond that – we go the “extra mile” by using our restorative cleaning power-wand on every residential job. So instead of cleaning just 1 or 2 times per any given area (like our friend Stanley does with the standard “push/pull” manual wand) we extract approximately 50 times!  And instead of just cleaning the carpet fibers in one direction (again like Stanley) we clean them omni-directionally.  The end result is that every square foot of your carpet is cleaned multiple times from every angle.  We believe we give a “much better bang for the buck”.  Your carpets will be as clean as they possibly can be. Much cleaner than most franchise cleanings. 

Some of our customers tell us that we’re the best Carpet Cleaners around.  We hope you’ll agree!


A note from the owner of ALL CLEAN!, LLC: We are entirely family owned and operated.  We never send strangers into your home to do the cleaning. My son and I (or both my sons) will be at your home to give you your deepest carpet cleaning ever. It is exceedingly important to us that you are happy with the results so we’ll be there to answer any questions you may have regarding the cleaning process and or maintenance of your carpets. Plus, we’ll take the time needed to give you the thorough cleaning you deserve. A rushed carpet cleaning benefits no one.  

We Get the Spots and Stains OUT!

We get wine stains out.  We get soda stains out.  We get juice and food stains out.  We get coffee and chocolate stains out. We can remove sticky adhesive from tape.  We can get blood stains out.  We get urine, feces, vomit stains and odors from pets out. We get candle wax,  crayon, and candy out.  We get lots of dirt out!  We remove filtration soil (you know, that black line around the paremeter of your carpet caused from soot) yes, we get that out too.  We get fingernail polish, grease, gum, and ink stains out.  We get lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner out.  We get rust and water stains out.  Yes, we even get mold and mildew stains out.  What we cant’ get out…  We can’t get out large paint spills. (Small drops of paint can be removed but if the spill is too large, we recommend repair or replace. (The solvent that removes paint will delaminate your carpet if too much is used.)  The only stains we can’t get out are hair dye, shoe polish, and some furniture stains.  Other than that, mostly everything else comes out without a problem!


After looking at an upholstery cleaner’s reviews, we believe the next best way to decide who to hire for cleaning your upholstery is to look at their before and after pictures. The pictures shown here are of some of the dirties we’ve cleaned and we think show a really nice contrast between the dirt level vs. the light-colored fabric underneath.  Of course your contrast will vary depending on how dirty your upholstery is, but at least you know from these worst-case scenarios that if we can get these cleaned, we can certainly get your upholstery cleaned just as well!


ALL CLEAN!, LLC guarantees 100% baby safe carpet cleaning with no exceptions. Babies, children, the elderly, family members with allergies and asthma, pets. All of our customers are guaranteed to have no health issues with our cleaning agent. We use a pre-spray called Procyon which is entirely soap-free to loosen the dirt from the fibers of your carpet. Then, with clean water heated to over 200 degrees, we extract the dirt and the Procyon back into our truck mounted system. Your carpets will be clean and soft with no dirt attracting soap left behind. Your entire family will enjoy a clean and healthy home. We guarantee it!!!

Zero Soap = Zero Residue = Zero Dirt Attraction

One HUGE benefit with PROCYON® which is really nice is that it leaves absolutely no soapy residue behind.  Soap attracts dirt and when carpet cleaners fail to extract all of the soap that they spray into your carpet (which happens often), you’ll find your carpet getting dirty again at a faster rate.  We don’t have this problem with PROCYON® because it is not a soap based product.  It contains absolutely no soap that attracts dirt.  Some carpet cleaners even rinse with a small amount of cleaning solution (soap) when they clean carpet.  At ALL CLEAN!, LLC we always rinse with 100% pure softened water, no chemicals are left behind.  All that we leave behind is “CLEAN”!

GREEN Cleaning Facts

1) PROCYON® Products were the first green cleaning products to be certified under Green Seal’s Revised GS-37, 2008 (2009) Standards.

2) Not only is PROCYON® Green Seal Certified, but it is also CRI and IAQ approved.

3) The EPA has shown a direct correlation between the amount of dirt in carpet and the air quality of that room.

4) When green cleaning solutions are used correctly, they are just as effective at cleaning carpet, upholstery, rugs, and tile and grout as those chemicals that pose serious health risks to chemically sensitive individuals.

5) Here is where you can find the Safe Data Sheet for Procyon.

A personal note from the owner: 

We at ALL CLEAN! understand what allergy sufferers go through and how important it is to keep your home free from allergens.  As an allergy/asthma sufferer myself, I carefully chose the cleaning agent that I continue to work with on a daily basis.  With Procyon, not only do I get excellent cleaning results, I can use it all day long without any adverse side effects. More than that, I use Procyon for carpet and upholstery cleaning in my home and around my own family with absolute confidence. So if you’re in need of GREEN Cleaning in Bucks or Montgomery County, PA and have any questions about our GREEN cleaning solution for carpet, upholstery, rugs, or tile and grout…  please give me a call at 215-538-0290. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for reading,

  Joe Fries

If you’d like more detailed information on this extremely safe cleaning agent, you can read all about PROCYON® at

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Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Bunny on ALL CLEAN!, LLC

The guys who came to do the job were extremely polite and professional.
They did an outstanding job and were very neat. Would highly recommend them.
Thanks for a great job done.

by Tara on ALL CLEAN!, LLC
Ambler, PA

After a renovation project at our house our ivory carpets were badly stained. I thought we would have to replace them. All Clean made them look brand new! Very pleased and would call them again.

by Michael O'Brien on ALL CLEAN!, LLC
North Wales PA

Isaac and Jacob did a great job on our carpets as well as our chair I carpets look brand new again two very nice gentleman took care of everything I couldn't be more pleased my wife just loves the carpets. Thank you again for a wonderful job.

by Angela on ALL CLEAN!, LLC
Macungie, PA

Very responsive to all my questions before I even hired them to clean my carpets. They were very polite and knowledgeable. Also very responsive to all my concerns. They did a great job and I will definitely hire them again!

by Tammy on ALL CLEAN!, LLC

Amazing!!! The price was right! The guys showed up early, were very professional, and were in and out in less than an hour. They gave me some great tips to keep my carpet clean with my aging pets. I will never use anyone else and I would love to have them in once a year to keep my carpets nice!

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