!Wood Floor Cleaning – ALL CLEAN!, LLC vs. D.I.Y.

When you vacuum or use a broom to clean your hardwood floors, sure – you’ll remove some surface dirt, but the truth is that much of the dirt still remains. That’s because when you use a mop and bucket, much of the dirt is just spread around. Plus, every time you put your mop back into your bucket, the water you’re cleaning with becomes dirtier and dirtier!

Better Results with the Right Equipment

On the other hand, when you hire ALL CLEAN!, LLC to clean your hardwood floors, the water from our machine is always clean, flushing dirt and debris from deep within all those wood crevices. Having your floor cleaned by ALL CLEAN!, LLC with the proper equipment will remove the dirt out of all those nooks and crannies, so your hardwood will look clean and fresh!

Your Wood Floors Need to be Cleaned!

The initial cost of wood flooring can be expensive, so it makes sense to properly maintain your floor to extend its life and improve appearance. Additionally, the longer dirt remains on your floor, the more aggressive the cleaning needs to be in order to remediate. ALL CLEAN!, LLC recommends having your wood floor professionally cleaned at least once a year. Your floors will look better, last longer, and create a healthier environment for you and your family.

Something to Consider

As mentioned before, our process goes well beyond what can be done with a mop, broom, or vacuum, but please know that what we’re offering is not a sanding and refinishing of your hardwood.  If your hardwood is damaged and in need of repair, you may want to have your hardwood sanded and refinished. On the other hand, if you’re looking to maintain your floor so that it never gets to that point, professional wood floor cleaning may be the way to go. The expense is low but the return is high if done on an annual basis.  Just something to consider…