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Relax on clean furniture again! ALL CLEAN!, LLC offers professional upholstery cleaning for many types of furniture including; sectionals, sofas, love-seats, recliners, dining room chairs,  ottomans, couches, chaise lounges, cushions, pillows, and more. When we clean upholstery we use our state-of-the-art truck-mounted system.  This is the same system that we use for carpet cleaning, but the water pressure is turned down to compensate for the delicate fabric found with most pieces of furniture.  With that, we use a high-end upholstery cleaning tool designed to extract dirt without wetting the cushions underneath.  So, with our top rated van powered cleaning system and our professional furniture cleaning tool, we guarantee a thorough cleaning of each and every piece of upholstery that you have us clean for you.  And just to give you an extra level of confidence; if you’re not happy with the results of your upholstery cleaning, you don’t pay!  But we’re confident you will be. 😉

Upholstery Cleaning Done Right!

First, we remove all the cushions from your furniture and vacuum deep within the crevices. Then (where accessible) we pre-spray the entire upholstered fabric; front, back, and sides of the furniture, and both sides of the cushions and pillows. The pre-spray that we use is called Procyon and is 100% safe for babies and pets. The purpose of the pre-spray is to separate the dirt from the fibers. (The longer soil is on anything, the more it adheres, so we want to break that bond between the two.) We then let the Procyon dwell for a few minutes to give the pre-spray a chance to work.

Dries in Hours, Not Days!

Our professional upholstery cleaning tool, which connects to the high-pressure line and vacuum line hoses from our van is then used to extract the dirt from the fabric.  Here’s how that works.  Clean water comes into your home from our van at about 100 psi which is sprayed directly through the tool into your upholstery and is then sucked right back out into our van, pulling all the dirt with it.  Our upholstery cleaning tool is constructed in such a way as to match just the right amount of water pressure to the suction power so that the upholstery cleaning won’t wet the cushions underneath, leaving you with clean upholstery that will dry in hours, not days!


After looking at an upholstery cleaner’s reviews, we believe the next best way to decide who to hire for cleaning your upholstery is to look at their before and after pictures. The pictures shown here are of some of the dirties we’ve cleaned and we think show a really nice contrast between the dirt level vs. the light-colored fabric underneath.  Of course your contrasts will vary depending on how dirty your upholstery is, but at least you know from these worst-case scenarios that if we can get these cleaned, we can certainly get your upholstery cleaned just as well!


ALL CLEAN!, LLC guarantees 100% baby safe upholstery cleaning with no exceptions. Babies, children, the elderly, family members with allergies and asthma, pets. All of our customers are guaranteed to have no health issues with our cleaning agent. We use a pre-spray called Procyon which is entirely soap-free to loosen the dirt from the fabric of your upholstery.  Then, with clean water heated to over 200 degrees, we extract the dirt and the Procyon back into our truck mounted system. Your upholstery will be clean and soft with no dirt attracting soap left behind. Your entire family will enjoy a clean and healthy home. We guarantee it!!!

Zero Soap = Zero Residue = Zero Dirt Attraction

One HUGE benefit with PROCYON® which is really nice is that it leaves absolutely no soapy residue behind.  Soap attracts dirt and when other upholstery cleaning companies fail to extract all of the soap that they spray into your upholstery (which happens often), you’ll find your furniture getting dirty again at a faster rate.  We don’t have this problem with PROCYON® because it is not a soap based product.  It contains absolutely no soap attracting dirt.  Some upholstery cleaners even rinse with a small amount of cleaning solution (soap) when they clean.  At ALL CLEAN!, LLC we always rinse with 100% pure softened water, no chemicals are left behind.  All that we leave behind is “CLEAN”!

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 5 reviews
by Nancy on ALL CLEAN!, LLC
Doylestown, PA

Recommend them highly - punctual, organized, efficient, respectful. Very happy with the results of the upholstery cleaning as well as the rugs. Will definitely call them again!

by Dolores S. on ALL CLEAN!, LLC
Quakertown, PA

Thank you so much for your services yesterday! We are extremely pleased, and will be recommending you and using you again! Thank you!!

by Jeanne C. on ALL CLEAN!, LLC
Quakertown, PA

Joe is always professional, gives great advice about our carpets & upholstery and makes everything look new again!

by Lisa J. on ALL CLEAN!, LLC
Chalfont, PA

As always, Joe was professional, punctual & truly dedicated to quality service. My sofa & carpets look amazing. – He was able even to remove permanent marker that has been there for 7+ years! Thank you, Thank you!

by Michele S. on ALL CLEAN!, LLC
Perkasie, PA

Joe Fries of ALL CLEAN does a professional, thorough, and excellent carpet and upholstery cleaning at a fair price.


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  • No extra vacuuming charge
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  • You’ll get a deep-down cleaning every time!

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  • You tell your friends how great your furniture looks!

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  • High-end truck-mounted system
  • Plus + pro uph cleaning equipment
  • Equals = A very thorough upholstery cleaning every time!


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